Amino is the missing piece in your renewal strategy.
We partner with benefit advisors to help reduce their clients' healthcare costs and bring something new and engaging to open enrollment.
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Deliver real healthcare savings for your clients.

Amino uses targeted guidance to reduce self-insured companies' healthcare spend as much as $1,300 per engaged employee, or an average of $540 per employee with 40% engagement.

Learn more about how Amino reduces healthcare costs in our free white paper.

Amino Savings Calculator

Number of enrolled employees:  

This is an estimate of how much you could reduce your healthcare spend with 40% engagement over two years with Amino. Learn more about how Amino reduces healthcare costs.
See cost and quality information side-by-side.

When it comes to healthcare, cost and quality are both important factors to consider. Amino includes multiple cost and quality measures, including Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades and our proprietary Facility Cost Ratings.

   Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades
   Facility Cost Ratings for hospitals, imaging centers, and more

Amplify your cost containment strategies.

Amino creates a “virtual narrow network” to guide members to low cost care. Low-cost providers are customized to each clients’ plan design and supports:

   PPO networks
   Narrow networks
   Pharmacy benefits
   Disease management benefits
   Wellness benefits

How we work with benefit advisors
Basic partners
   Standard pricing for clients
   Standard commission rates
   Standard marketing collateral
   Quarterly partnership calls
   Access to weekly training webinar
   Use of Amino logo
Preferred partners
   Preferred pricing for clients
   Preferred commission rates
   Co-branded, customized marketing collateral
   Dedicated partnership manager
   Customized sales training package
   Customized integrations with your platforms
   Co-branded site page for your firm

   Co-branded amino demo videos
   Onsite events for your firm
   Use of Amino logo

FAQs for benefit advisors
What problem does Amino solve?
Companies and their employees are spending more and more on healthcare without any guidance on how to make cost-effective care choices. Amino guides people to lower cost, higher quality care for their network, delivering real savings for companies and their employees — regardless of which health plan they choose.
What is Amino's data?
Amino has assembled the largest database of health insurance claims in the United States. We estimate that we have roughly 80% of all claims filed within the country, and our database is refreshed and updated frequently. Our claims have information related to every practicing physician in the US and every major insurance carrier.
Can my clients buy Amino without the HSA?
Yes, absolutely. Our basic plan starts at $2.50 per employee per month and is perfect for PPO employees who don't need an HSA. See our pricing page for more details.
What if my client already has an HSA?
If one of your clients is interested in Amino but already has an HSA, there are two options: rollover their HSA to Amino, or simply purchase the basic plan for their employees. See our pricing page for more details.
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