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How Skookum empowered employees and reduced healthcare costs with Amino
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“Simplify and Go” is one of the core values held by Skookum, a digital design and development agency, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Skookum team firmly believes that time is the most valuable thing a person can spend, and they were tired of spending it trying to navigate the healthcare system.

Every week their human resources team took hours out of their day to help employees find in-network care, decrypt insurance provider’s resources and answer questions about deductible balances. All in the effort to keep their team healthy and their healthcare expenses low.

Skookum’s benefits advisor sat down with their employees to discuss the rising cost of healthcare and educated them on actions they could take to reduce spend, like staying in-network and researching the quality of the care they receive, but it was never enough. Seeing the challenge that the team faced their advisor recommended a tool that could educate and guide the their employees to make smarter choices on their own. That year Skookum rolled out Amino during open enrollment.

Skookum employees at their headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

“I heard starting on the first day from employees that it’s a really great system, something we definitely needed. I haven’t heard a lot after that — that’s how I know something is working well, I don’t hear anything.”

- Becca Dennison, People Operations Manager

Prior to using Amino the HR team wouldn’t send employees to their insurance providers website, knowing that it was too confusing, they took on the effort themselves. Since implementing Amino, they have seen a drastic reduction in time spent helping employees search for care or answer questions about their coverage - employees are able to do it on their own through the platform.

To their delight, time is not the only thing that they are saving. Smarter care choices with Amino combined with the continuing education from their broker, is helping them see a reduction in their plan costs for the coming year.

“The best part is that for the first time ever, we have seen an impact on our plan and a reduction in what we are paying into next year for our benefits."

- Becca Dennison, People Operations Manager

Amino has helped the Skookum team make better healthcare decisions and push healthcare costs in the right direction for long-term savings.

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