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How Macom increased engagement with their telemedicine benefit

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MACOM is a unique kind of tech company. Founded in the 1950s, it’s been around for decades. Through two public offerings and multiple acquisitions, they’ve ended up with a blended employee population. Some of their employees are brand new, and some have been there for more than 40 years.

Of course, a diverse employee population brings a unique set of challenges for a seasoned benefits leader like Michael Newman, Senior Director of Benefits and Compensation at MACOM.

“Whenever we roll out programs, we really have to look at the whole organization,” said Newman. “Offering benefits that are seen as competitive and valuable to everybody can be a challenge.”

Partnering with their broker at Hays

Newman first heard about Amino from his broker at Hays.

“They know where my mind is, so when they saw Amino, they thought it was worth my time to see,” said Newman. “The day I saw the demo, I knew we were going to sign up.”

Amino’s customer success team partnered with Newman to ensure a smooth implementation that complemented MACOM’s priorities.

“The nice thing was we actually went live after open enrollment (OE) but talked about it during OE,” said Newman. “That flexibility in timing was invaluable. Amino can be implemented any time of year.”

Guiding employees to high value care

Having worked in benefits for 30 years, Newman has been part of the healthcare consumerism conversation since its inception. But he says it’s becoming more and more challenging to balance what the company can afford to offer and what his employees can afford to pay for.

“If I just raised rates every year, my job would be easy,” said Newman. “But what we try to do is help employees use their plans more effectively and efficiently. That's why I was so excited about Amino.”

Newman says two things about Amino stood out to him: how simple and easy it is to use, and how it combines cost and quality measures to guide employees to Smart Match providers that offer high value care.

With Amino, you’re not overwhelmed with information — you don't get lost. It's easy to get back, start over, do another search,” said Newman. “Plus, it’s not just about cost. High cost doesn’t mean better care. I’ve never seen anything that combines cost and quality as well as Amino does with Smart Match.”

Increasing engagement with their telemedicine benefit

MACOM offers comprehensive health coverage, including added benefits like telemedicine. But with multiple vendors, employee awareness and engagement can be a challenge.

“We actually have two telemedicine providers that we offer our employees. Everyone who has used it likes it, but it's slow adoption — people have to be aware of it,” said Newman.

With Amino’s integrated benefits feature, MACOM was able to increase utilization of their telemedicine benefit by surfacing it as a top result in relevant searches, prompting employees to take advantage of it.


“The fact that just within the enrollment period with Amino, two employees logged in, did searches, clicked all the way through to our telemedicine provider and scheduled with them — I mean, I don't know how long it took me to get my first two people to use my telemedicine provider when I first put it in place,” said Newman. “Amino has the ability to get people more engaged with other programs within the health plan, like telemedicine or urgent care. By exposing them to those other benefits, it increases engagement.”

Clear ROI within the first few weeks

As an experienced benefits leader, Newman always has his eye on engagement and ROI. Within the first few weeks of rolling out Amino, he says its value was immediately obvious.

“It’s very easy to look at the reasonable cost of Amino and really see the larger return,” said Newman. “Two people clicking all the way through in the first two weeks and scheduling telemedicine speaks volumes to how much Amino can benefit our employees by helping them and us control costs.”

"Two people clicking all the way through in the first two weeks and scheduling telemedicine speaks volumes to how much Amino can benefit our employees by helping them and us control costs."

Michael Newman

Senior Director of Compensation and Benefits

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