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How RetailMeNot helps their employees make informed healthcare choices

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RetailMeNot is all about helping people get a good deal.

“Our mission is to make life more affordable,” said Georgina Mena, Benefits Specialist at RetailMeNot. “We love a good deal.”

Headquartered in the growing technology hub of Austin, Texas, RetailMeNot makes everyday life more affordable through online and in-store coupon codes, cash back offers, discount gift cards, and even at the pharmacy with RxSaver by RetailMeNot.

Naturally, RetailMeNot wants their nearly 500 employees to get a good deal, too — especially when it comes to healthcare.

Before Amino, no easy way to find high value care

There are thousands of reasons RetailMeNot has been named a top place to work by Glassdoor and the Austin Business Journal.

One of those reasons is their benefits. The people team at RetailMeNot has built out a best-in-class benefits program, including enviable free lunches, ample parental leave, and, of course, comprehensive health coverage.

“We’re constantly analyzing and asking ourselves, ‘Is what we’re offering competitive? Is it making an impact? How can we make it better?’” said Mena.

Even with comprehensive health coverage, the RetailMeNot team knew that healthcare cost variation still posed a challenge for their employees. In a world where a simple checkup or a routine procedure can cost dramatically different depending on where you choose to go, they wanted to make it easy for their employees to find high value care. That’s where Amino came in.

“One of the things we want to do is make benefits easy for our employees, and Amino seemed like a natural fit to help accomplish this,” said Josh Grant, Senior Manager of Total Rewards at RetailMeNot. “The approach to making it easy for employees to find the best care at an affordable price, while also knowing that their selection is within their network, was very appealing to us.”

‘A smart recommendation in 30 seconds’

RetailMeNot chose Amino because of its comprehensiveness and ease of use.

“When I first saw Amino, I really liked the user interface of the product,” said Mena. “I was kind of blown away with how it digests and analyzes thousands of claims and information to give you a smart recommendation in 30 seconds. That kind of just blew my mind.”

In addition to the personalized guidance offered by Amino, RetailMeNot also took advantage of Amino’s integrated benefits feature, which pulls their telemedicine benefit, MDLive, into search results for relevant queries like “flu” or “allergies.”

“Amino has been a great partner. They’ve been there literally every step of the way and really helped with the launch,” said Mena. “A lot of thought has gone into the product, the brand, and the communications. At the end of the day, they’re really wanting this to be a seamless process for the employer and the employee.”

Grant agreed, noting that Amino helps bring healthcare — the number one financial concern for many employees — into their financial wellness strategy. “Amino fits into our financial wellness strategy by helping our employees make informed healthcare decisions,” said Grant.


Employees love the ‘great experience’

Before launching a new benefit, it’s hard to know what the response will be. One of the best measures of early success is simple: how many employees sign up?

Just three months after launching Amino, almost half (48%) of all RetailMeNot employees had signed up — an overwhelmingly positive signal compared to the industry average of less than 10% for optional benefits.    

One of those employees was Remington Reackhof, a software engineer who moved from Michigan to Texas to work at RetailMeNot.

“I didn’t have a doctor in Austin since I had just moved down here, so I used it to search for a general practitioner,” said Reackhof. “It was helpful to see my Smart Matches. Amino puts more thought into who to recommend as a provider than just distance or network.”

Reackhof said his favorite part of Amino was the ability to book an appointment via an Amino Assistant.

“What I liked most about it was the responsiveness from the agent. It was a very human interaction,” said Reackhof. “I’m really glad that RetailMeNot is offering Amino as a benefit because it makes finding doctors really easy. It can connect people like me to the right doctors at a reasonable cost.”

Exciting engagement results just 3 months after launching

RetailMeNot is happy with the initial results from launching Amino. With more than half of all employees signed up (and counting!), they’re looking forward to hearing from even more employees about how they’re using Amino to make informed healthcare choices.

“From our initial check-in with Amino, it seems like there’s some really good usage,” said Mena. “People are booking appointments, so for me, that’s a good indication that people are into the product.”

Grant agreed, “I see Amino benefitting RetailMeNot employees by helping them make informed decisions about their healthcare. It allows employees to get the best care at an affordable price.”

I see Amino benefitting RetailMeNot employees by helping them make informed decisions about their healthcare. It allows our employees to get the best care at an affordable price.

Josh Grant

Senior Manager of Total Rewards

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