TPAs win and retain more business with Amino.
We help TPAs put cost containment into action, helping reduce their clients medical claims and empowering their advocacy teams.
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Help your clients reduce their medical claims.

Amino uses targeted guidance to reduce self-insured companies' healthcare spend as much as $1,300 per engaged employee, or an average of $540 per employee with 40% engagement.

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Amino Savings Calculator

Number of enrolled employees:  

This is an estimate of how much you could reduce your healthcare spend with 40% engagement over two years with Amino. Learn more about how Amino reduces healthcare costs.
Amplify your cost containment strategies.

Amino creates a “virtual narrow network” to guide members to low cost care. Low-cost providers are customized to each clients’ plan design and supports:

   PPO networks
   Narrow networks
   Pharmacy benefits
   Disease management benefits
   Wellness benefits

Advocacy view
Empower your advocacy team.

AdvocacyView brings the power of Amino’s guidance to your health advocacy team. Search for low-cost care on behalf of members and explain their options with just a few clicks.

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