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The clearest picture of US healthcare

Over 9B insurance claims and $1.8T in healthcare spending. Exclusive insights for brokers and employers.

Dive into the most comprehensive insurance claims database

  • 9 billion health insurance claims, commercial and Medicare
  • National, patient de-identified data representing more than 220 million Americans—longitudinal patient history, with rich detail from 2012 onward
  • Broad, representative geographic coverage
  • Cost estimates for medical procedures and services, based on analyzing $1.8 trillion in healthcare expenses 
  • Data refreshed every 48 hours
  • Insights on over 935k doctors and facilities in the US

We’ve got Medicare data. (All of it.)

Amino is the first company to receive national, doctor-level Medicare claims data as part of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Qualified Entity Program. You benefit from:

  • Insights into 100% of Medicare claims, Parts A, B, & D, from 2009 onward
  • Unprecedented access to track healthcare longitudinally with an emphasis on data security and patient privacy

Make smarter decisions for your business


Improve network optimization and plan design


Integrate insights into employee transparency tools


Gain clarity from an unprecedented volume of data