Personalized guidance
Guide employees to smart choices.
Don't just provide information. Help employees choose the highest quality, lowest cost care.
SmartMatch makes the best option crystal clear.

SmartMatch saves employees time and effort by suggesting highly-rated, cost-effective providers and facilities. We use four criteria to determine whether a provider or facility is a SmartMatch, specific to each employee's plan:

   Highly experienced
   Affiliated with safe hospitals

care setting guidance
Point employees to appropriate care settings instead of the ER.

Amino routes employees to the appropriate care setting for whatever they need. For example, when an employee searches for "rash" or "flu," we proactively guide them to the nearest open urgent care center instead of the ER.

Warn employees before they go out-of-network.

We direct your employees to in-network providers and alert them before they go out-of-network. Staying within your insurance network can save hundreds of dollars at a single visit.

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