Phone-based advocacy
Support hard-to-reach employees with advocacy.
For an additional fee, get support from a phone-based health advocate who can help your hard-to-reach population.
Clinical support
Full-service support throughout the care journey.

Our phone-based health advocates can support all of your employees' healthcare needs, from understanding their care options to coordinating a successful care journey.

   Explain diagnoses and treatment options
   Coordinate treatment and rehabilitation
   Arrange for complex medical care

Administrative support
Help with healthcare billing and insurance issues.

Our phone-based health advocates can help with administrative issues too — from billing to insurance and more.

   Help understanding medical bills
   Resolving billing issues 
   Educating about plan details

Already have a health advocacy benefit?

Amino can integrate with any existing advocacy service you offer. Just let us know which vendor you work with, and we'll provide them with an advocacy view of Amino. When employees call in, their team can use Amino to guide employees to the right care.

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