Financial wellness starts with healthcare.
The #1 financial concern for employees is healthcare costs. Amino is a healthcare financial wellness platform that guides employees to smart choices and simplifies their benefits experience.
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88% of employers aren’t addressing the #1 financial concern of their employees.
As of 2017, healthcare costs are employees' number one financial concern — outranking debt, college expenses, mortgages, rent, retirement savings, taxes, and even unemployment.

But only 12% of employees say their employer is helping them manage and save for healthcare expenses.

Amino is an all-in-one solution.

   Empowers employees with personalized healthcare guidance.

   Reduces healthcare costs for employees and employers.

   Increases access to your existing health benefits.

See what Amino can do for your employees.
Amino makes accessing great, affordable care as easy as picking a movie on Netflix.
All-in-one platform, comprehensive features.
Explore how Amino helps employees make smart healthcare choices.
Healthcare search
Search for primary care, specialists, hospitals, urgent care, and more.

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Personalized guidance
Guide employees to the smartest choices, no matter what they need.

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Appointment booking
Let an Amino assistant book appointments for you. No phone tag required.

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Deductible tracking
Decrypt your health plan and keep tabs on your deductible balance.

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Integrated benefits
Surface your other health benefits at the moment employees are searching for care.

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Amino HSA Visa® Debit Card
Save smarter with a built-in HSA for your high deductible population.

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Phone-based advocacy
For an additional fee, get extra support for your hard-to-reach population.

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Employees love the convenience and simplicity of Amino.
Employees want benefits that are simple, useful, and — most importantly — help make their lives easier. Amino checks all those boxes.
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"My son needs an MRI for his knee, and we have a high deductible plan. The hospital wants $2,000, not including the radiologist and the facility charges. Thanks to Amino, we are scheduling with a freestanding imaging center for $450.

You can’t imagine the despair you are saving me. This I can manage."

- Amino member, September 2018

Measurable impact for your company.
Whether your priority is engagement, cost reduction, or vendor coordination, we'll help you exceed your goals.
Employee engagement
Engage employees through creative education and communication.

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Cost reduction
Save as much as $520 per employee with just 40% engagement.

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Vendor coordination
Simplify how your employees interact with their health benefits.

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Cost reduction
Meaningful savings, especially for employers who are self-insured.
Reduce your healthcare spend as much as $520 per employee with just 40% engagement.
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Amino Savings Calculator

Number of enrolled employees:  

This is an estimate of how much you could reduce your healthcare spend with 40% engagement over two years with Amino. Learn more about how Amino reduces healthcare costs.
Stand out from the benefits crowd.
We love working with forward-thinking benefits and HR teams, benefit advisors, and TPAs.
See why the country's best places to work love working with Amino.

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Benefit advisors
See how we work with benefit advisors to wow their clients.

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See how we help TPAs stand out from the competition.

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