One destination for your employees.
Amino acts as a single destination for all your health benefits, so your employees don't have to know where to go.
Insurance integration
Simplify how employees interact with their insurance.

Amino integrates with your health insurance network and each employee's health plan. Employees can see all the health insurance information in one place, and we can curate their search results to their specific plan.

We can integrate with all major insurance networks across the country.

Other benefits in search results
Tie your health benefits together on one platform.

Many employers offer additional health benefits beyond insurance, like telemedicine, a chronic disease management solution, or onsite clinics. There's just one problem... employees don't know these benefits are available to them and often don't use them.

Amino pulls your existing health benefits into relevant search results, increasing engagement across the board. Here are a few of our favorite integrations:

   Telemedicine solutions
   Onsite clinics
   Wellbeing programs
   Disease management
   Behavioral health

One destination for employees
Integrate with any health benefit you offer.

Amino can include any health benefit you currently offer in relevant Amino search results. Here are a few of our favorite integrations:

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