Refer your company to Amino, get $500 for yourself!*
As of January 2019, you can only access Amino if your company offers it as an employee benefit. Bring Amino to your company, and we'll give you $500.*
Ask your benefits or HR person to offer Amino as an employee benefit
You can only access Amino if your company offers it as an employee benefit.

Let’s work together to make it happen!

  • Fill out the form with your information.

  • We’ll contact your company’s benefits or HR team and tell them all about Amino.

  • If we're not already in discussions with your company and they decide to sign a contract with Amino this year, we'll give you $500 for making the referral.*
What is Amino?
Find in-network doctors.
Book appointments.
Save money.

Amino is a healthcare financial wellness platform that makes it easy to find high value care.

Whether you're looking for an in-network doctor, late night urgent care, or the best facility for an MRI, Amino can guide you to Smart Matches — providers who take your insurance, offer high quality care, and won't break the bank.


Join hundreds of companies and employees who already love Amino
"I have already recommended Amino to everyone in my department and I continue to rave about the great customer service, excellent follow up, and the ease of not having to make any phone calls."
Amino member, 2018
"I've already recommended Amino to my coworkers. It took the hassle out of making doctors appointments... Through my employer, the Amino system already had the majority of my insurance info and I was easily able to filter to find exactly what I need without doing any of the legwork. I never want to be without Amino!"
Amino member, 2018