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Average hospital cost varies by 372% in Los Angeles

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Olivia Marcus
By Olivia Marcus on October 25, 2017

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Even within the same city, hospitals can charge wildly different prices for similar care. We used Amino's Facility Cost Ratings™ — dollar signs that help employees identify cost-effective hospitals — to find the five most and least expensive hospitals in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Below is a peek into our data.

The most expensive hospitals

These five hospitals have the highest Facility Cost Rating™ in the Los Angeles area, averaged across all insurers. Interestingly, the most expensive hospital has an F safety grade. Across the board, we found that there's no correlation between cost and quality.


Facility Cost Rating™

Safety Grade

Olympia Medical Center  large_2.png F
Palmdale Regional Medical Center  large_2.png C
Valley Presbyterian Hospital  large_2.png D
Methodist Hospital of Southern California  large_2.png B
St Vincent Medical Center  large_2.png C


The least expensive hospitals

These five hospitals have lowest Facility Cost Rating™ in the Los Angeles area, averaged across all insurers


Facility Cost Rating™

Safety Grade

St Johns Riverside ParkCare Hospital Pavillion  large_2.png C
Forest Hills Hospital  large_2.png B
University Hospital  large_2.png B
Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center  large_2.png C
Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, Grand Concourse Division  large_2.png B


How we rate hospitals by cost

Amino’s Facility Cost Ratings™ are an easy to understand, symbolic system of dollar signs ranging from one dollar sign denoting “inexpensive” to four dollar signs denoting “expensive.”Facility Cost Ratings™ appear on the profiles of all facilities (hospitals, imaging centers, and urgent care centers) in our Amino's healthcare transparency product.

The Facility Cost Ratings™ you see in this post are averaged across all insurers. On Amino, employees see Facility Cost Ratings™ specific to their network and plan.


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Hospital cost variation in Los Angeles