How Amino guides employees to urgent care instead of the ER

In 2 minutes, see how Amino guides employees to the most cost-effective option.

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Olivia Marcus
By Olivia Marcus on April 24, 2018

Olivia is on the marketing team at Amino, where she helps get the word out about Amino. Connect with Olivia Marcus on LinkedIn

70% of ER visits are avoidable

Employees often go to the ER because they don't know where else to go. Imagine how much you could reduce your healthcare spend if you could guide employees to urgent care instead (for non-life threatening injuries and illnesses).

Amino automatically directs employees to urgent care for non-life threatening injuries

Here's how it works on Amino:

  1. An employee searches for a non-life threatening injury or illness on Amino, like "asthma attack."

  2. Amino automatically knows to ask, "Is this urgent?" If yes, we guide the employee to nearby urgent care centers. (If no, we guide the employee to asthma doctors.)

  3. The employee gets an interactive map of all urgent care centers nearby. We even show them which take their insurance and which are currently open.

Not just urgent care — cost-effective urgent care 

As with doctors and other facilities, Amino makes it easy for employees to find the most cost-effective urgent care centers. Based on the information we have about the employee's network and plan, we automatically highlight in-network, safe, and cost-effective, urgent care centers as SmartMatchesTM at the top of employees' search results.

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