How Amino helps employees estimate their healthcare costs

Just search, click on a doctor, and revel in how easy it was to get a customized cost estimate.

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Olivia Marcus
By Olivia Marcus on April 24, 2018

Olivia is on the marketing team at Amino, where she helps get the word out about Amino. Connect with Olivia Marcus on LinkedIn

Easy to find in just a few clicks

With Amino, it's easy for your employees to get a cost estimate for a wide array of medical procedures — we even personalize it to their chosen doctor, health plan, and remaining deductible.

All your employees have to do is:

  1. Search for a procedure and enter their location.
  2. Click on a doctor to see cost estimates for that doctor with their insurance plan.
  3. Click on "calculate what you'll pay" to personalize the cost estimate to their remaining deductible.

In-product education makes it simple

On Amino, employees can see where exactly the cost estimates are coming from — what charges make up the total cost, and how much they're responsible for paying vs. how much their insurer will cover. This makes it easy for employees to understand their healthcare costs fully and simply. 

We've got the data to back it up

Amino has cost estimates for hundreds of procedures, including common surgeries, vaccines, imaging (like CT scans and MRIs), and more.

90% of our cost estimates with a facility-insurance combination have an average error of less than $40. In other words, the margin of error for most of our estimates is less than the cost of going to the movies with your family. 

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