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We help people make informed decisions about where to get care, reducing costs for employees and employer health plans.
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Save time and money

With data-driven provider recommendations, 24/7 online booking, and streamlined benefits access, employers can reduce claims costs while ensuring employees get high-quality care hassle-free.

5-9X ROI for employers
45 minutes saved per appointment
Our impact

Smart, simple healthcare guidance

Our digital healthcare guidance platform helps employees get the best care at the best cost.

Find care fast

Skip the endless research and avoid playing phone tag with personalized doctor and facility recommendations.

Make data-driven choices

We use data on over 1 million providers to identify high-quality, cost-effective options for specific care needs.

Save money

Reduce healthcare costs by getting the right level of care in the right place from the right providers.

Access healthcare benefits

Find and use employer-sponsored benefits like telemedicine and onsite clinics when they're most needed.

The Smart Match difference

Amino is more than a healthcare price transparency tool. Our Smart Match recommendation engine is built on provider cost, quality, experience, and network status data from over 19 billion claims and hundreds of quality measures.

We use this data to intelligently identify high-quality, cost-effective doctors and facilities for specific health needs and plan networks, then guide employees to these providers in our search experience. We even take care of appointment booking. The result? Simple decision-making and confident healthcare choices every time.

What members are saying

Amino was rated the #1 healthcare shopping tool by Consumer Reports, and our net promoter score averages 80+.
5 out of 5 stars
“This is the best thing ever.”
—Amino member, 2021
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5 out of 5 stars
“I have already recommended Amino to everyone in my department and I continue to rave about the great customer service.”
—Amino member, 2020
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5 out of 5 stars
“I get really anxious about making calls for appointments, especially with new doctors. It’s great that there’s a service for that.”
—Amino member, 2020
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Why is finding a good doctor so hard?

Dealing with the U.S. healthcare system is stressful. No one wants to spend hours searching for a doctor or hospital—we want to get the care we need and get back to our lives, without worrying about getting expensive bills later on.

The problem is that the most convenient care options are often the lowest value—which means the easiest choices can lead to high costs and poor quality care. But with the right guidance, we can get the care we need while making better decisions for our health, our wallets, and our employer benefits programs.

Resources for HR leaders

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Preparing for the deferred healthcare deluge

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Price transparency compliance: A strategic opportunity for health plans & TPAs

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