Anyone can be a smart healthcare consumer — with a little guidance

We’re pioneering a more convenient way to find and book high-quality, cost-effective care.

The challenge

Staying in-network isn't enough anymore

The #1 financial concern for employees today isn’t retirement, debt, or even unemployment — it’s healthcare. That’s why we built an award-winning healthcare financial wellness platform to help employees across America find and get the care they need without breaking the bank.

Our solution

Using data and design to power smart decisions

Built by a team of consumer experts, Amino is powered by a database of more than 12 billion health insurance claims, which help us identify high value care settings and providers for any network.

Our impact

Delivering real ROI for you and your employees

Download our white paper to learn how Amino can save your company up to $1,300 per engaged employee, per year.

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Our team

Meet the team behind Amino

David Vivero

Maudie Hampden Shah
Head of Product Management

Sumul Shah
Head of Design

Nick Dunkman
Director of Engineering

Jim Fingal
Chief Technology Officer

Kirk Strauser 
Chief Information Security Officer

Tobie Tusing 
Data Scientist

Larry Wadford
Customer Support

Laura Gelston
Senior Software Engineer

Casey Racicot 
Product Manager

Elliott Dicus
Senior Software Engineer

Elizabeth Swaminathan 
Director of Partnerships

Carlton Duffett
Senior Software Engineer

Jacob Zhou
Product Manager

Anna Smith
Senior Data Engineer

Jenna Giusto
Customer Success Manager

Scott Kiever
Chief Revenue Officer

Xinmiao Tan
Data Scientist

Eddie Brinkley
Customer Support

Madhuri Alahari
Product Manager

Steve Smallidge
RVP of Sales, East

Pam Oberly
RVP of Sales, Central

Anthony Sifontes
Software Engineer

John Cenzano-Fong
Staff Data Engineer

Ahmed Modan
Senior Software Engineer

Sarah Bimber
General Counsel and Privacy Officer

John Park

Alisha Sojar
Senior Software Engineer

Michael Richerson
Director of Partnerships

Mark Montalbano
RVP of Sales, West

Jonny Mills
Data Engineer

Merilee Freshour
National Account Executive

Owen James
Software Engineer

Janis Fredrick
Senior Software Engineer

Cory Freshour
Director of Customer Success

Brian Zimmer
Senior Software Engineer

Jackie Wylie
Vice President of Marketing

Francis Genet
Senior Software Engineer

Matthew Kwong
Senior Accounting Manager

Alex Shortridge
Corporate Sales Manager, Partnerships

Morgan Smoak Naples
Solutions Architect

Ashley Taylor Anderson
Senior Marketing Manager

Our investors

Backed by leading institutional investors

Other institutional and individual investors include: Arthur Patterson, Aspect Ventures, David Bonderman (Founder TPG Capital), Fred Cohen (TPG Capital), Joe Gebbia (Founder Airbnb), Cameron Marlow (Data Team, Facebook) Dick Kramlich (Founder NEA), Max Ventilla (Founder AltSchool), Pete Flint (Founder Trulia), Pilot Wall Group, Red Swan Ventures, Sami Inkinen (Founder Trulia, Virta Health) Colin Evans (StubHub, Gametime), Steve Bonner (formerly CEO Cancer Treatment Centers of America), Jeff Hammerbacher (Facebook, Cloudera), Halle Tecco (Rock Health), Marco Zappacosta (Founder Thumbtack), Perkins Coie, and Western Technology Investment.

Our advisors

Supported by a world-class clinical advisory board

Carol Cain, PhD
KP Care Management Institute

Ashish Jha, MD, MPH
Harvard School of Public Health

Udi Manber, PhD
National Institutes of Health

Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH
Stanford University

Philip Pizzo, MD
Stanford University

Joy Pritts
Patient Privacy Advisor

Bryan Sivak
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Robert Wachter, MD
University of California, San Francisco

John Q. Young, MD, MPP, PhD
Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

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