Image of Amino Health CEO John AsaloneImage of Amino Health CEO John Asalone

A note from our new CEO John Asalone

December 13, 2023
John Asalone

As incoming CEO of Amino Health, I am committed to empowering all Americans to find the care they need when they need it.

Amino Health is an extraordinary company founded on a powerful vision – to help patients find the best care. Co-founded by David Vivero in 2013, Amino has been a pioneer in the digital health space by driving transparency and putting the patient at the center of the product. I joined Amino earlier this year, inspired by the company’s ambition, and am excited to now step into the CEO role.

The unfortunate reality is that most Americans are forced to use subjective data, if they have any data at all, to make important choices about their health. When people need to find a doctor, they often look up reviews online. A small minority might be lucky enough to have a doctor in the family to solicit intel, but even this insider knowledge remains incomplete. And while these approaches may be suitable for minor health issues, if you need surgery or are diagnosed with a major condition, you want to find the most objectively experienced provider possible.

I know what it’s like to encounter serious health needs and feel at a loss for where to turn. In early 2021, my four-year-old son suddenly went blind in both eyes. Only because we happened to go to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles – whose Director of Neuroimmunology happens to be one of few doctors with expertise in my son’s rare condition – were we able to get diagnosis and treatment that others in his situation have gone without. Thanks entirely to that prompt treatment and ongoing care, his vision has recovered, and he is doing well in first grade. But we were lucky, and luck should not determine access to quality care.

Amino Health’s software uses objective data – based on more than 26 billion medical claims – to identify highly experienced providers. We’ve made it as easy to search for more than 1,500+ specialties, conditions, and procedures as it is to look up a restaurant review. Amino will recommend experienced, cost-effective providers who are in-network and have a proven track record of providing appropriate care. That level of information is not available on Facebook groups, or even your insurance carrier’s doctor directory.

The American healthcare system is vast and convoluted, yet so crucial to our lives. As incoming CEO of Amino Health, I am committed to building upon David’s vision to empower all Americans to find the care they need when they need it. By navigating the medical system with efficiency, we navigate toward a better future for ourselves and for our families.

John Asalone

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