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Amino Health expands product portfolio with Amino Refer to streamline care team referrals

October 26, 2022
Amino Product Team

Added functionality for providers, clinic teams, and care coordinators provides validated, high-value referrals to support a member’s care journey

Amino Health, the industry leader in digital healthcare navigation, today announced Amino Refer, a product that enables care coordinators and clinicians to provide members with high-quality, cost-effective, in-network referrals in a matter of seconds. This product complements Amino Guidance, the company’s flagship offering, which makes it easy for plan members to find high-value providers and facilities, as well as employer-sponsored health and wellness benefits, in one simple platform.

Referrals, typically by a primary care provider (PCP) or care coordinator, are an inevitable part of a person's healthcare journey. Not only do more than one third of primary care visits result in a referral, they account for over 25% of total medical expenses. In a market where extreme price and quality variation exists, taking a shot in the dark when it comes to referrals can be a costly mistake.

Even so, clinicians and care coordinators often provide referrals by using carrier directories, in-house spreadsheets, or simply via search engines. This process is inefficient, often inaccurate, and subjective with little consideration for cost or quality. An efficient, objective process focused on member needs is critical for care coordinators to surface high-quality, appropriate referrals quickly.

With this product expansion, Amino is primed to guide members to high-quality care no matter how their journey begins—whether it’s through a self-service app, a concierge, or an onsite clinic. Members who have access to clinic teams or coordinators using Amino Refer benefit from referrals backed by data, including quality scores and network status, plus an immense search database. A Refer user can select the members plan information, type in their care need and location, and populate a list of high-quality providers, all using the data powering Amino’s Guidance product.

Amino Refer also surfaces relevant, health and wellness benefits that a plan sponsor has made available to their members. This saves plan sponsors money by steering members to cost-effective point solutions they’ve already invested in, increasing the value of these additional, rich benefit offerings.

“Our goal at Amino is to guide members to high-value care that lowers cost and increases care quality no matter where they are in their care journey,” said David Vivero, CEO, Amino Health. “With Amino Refer, we’ve expanded our reach to support greater consistency in referral cost and quality and given care coordinators a powerful tool to build trust, show value, and influence the health and wellbeing of members.”

About Amino Health
Amino Health, the leading healthcare guidance platform, connects people with high-quality, cost-effective providers and benefits programs in context across the healthcare ecosystem. With more than 26B healthcare claims used to inform our actionable healthcare recommendations, Amino Health reduces wasteful claims spending, streamlines care routing, increases care quality, and improves member experience. To learn more, visit

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