Amino's latest updates introduce freestanding labs and moreAmino's latest updates introduce freestanding labs and more

Amino's latest updates introduce freestanding labs and more

October 16, 2023
Madi Hornig

At Amino Health, we’re on a mission to make it easy for members to access high-quality, cost-effective providers and their available medical benefits. We’re constantly making improvements to our platform; here are the newest capabilities now available:

We’ve expanded our data coverage to include laboratories.

Amino adds thousands of freestanding laboratories as the first phase of an ongoing project.

When it comes to receiving care, many people don’t know that the site of service – the actual location in which care is delivered – has huge effects on the overall cost of care. Unfortunately, many patients are ill-equipped to determine where to go for the most cost-effective care. A prime example of the importance of site of service lies in freestanding laboratories versus in-hospital ones.

Freestanding labs, like Quest and LabCorp, can drive incredible savings for members and self–funded employers. In fact, the Employee Benefit Research Institute estimates employers and their members can save over $3B in healthcare costs if members navigate away from hospital outpatient lab departments. 

To support the growing importance of freestanding labs in cost containment efforts, Amino’s recent update expands our coverage of freestanding lab facilities. Executing on a phased approach, our initial release introduces roughly 70% of Quest and LabCorp US locations to our platform. This approach allows us to offer new functionality while ensuring high degrees of data accuracy.

We’ve added new pediatric specialties to our platform.

Amino adds 45k providers across 19 pediatric specialties to its database.

In 2022, pediatricians were among the top 5 searched specialties in Amino, highlighting the demand for pediatric services by our members. 

Pediatricians are specially trained providers who care for infants to young adults – with a unique focus on growth and development. Access to pediatric specialists is imperative when searching for the best care for a child. As Children’s International Pediatrics states, “children are not just small adults - they have unique healthcare concerns that require specialized training.” 

To make it easier to locate pediatricians across a myriad of specialties, we now have more pediatricians in our platform across 19 new specialties, like “pediatric anesthesiologist,” “pediatric urologist,” and more. 

We’ve improved gender and language inclusivity in our platform.

Amino updates platform copy to be gender-neutral and introduces a new language filter.

Amino’s most recent efforts to deliver an inclusive experience include updated in-app language as well as a new filter that allows users to search for providers that speak the language of their choice. 

Enabling individuals to connect with healthcare providers who speak their preferred language is a vital stride towards ensuring that high-quality healthcare is accessible to all. Given that there are over 66 million non-English speakers in the United States, this has a substantial impact on a large segment of Americans seeking medical care. This feature enhances Amino Health's ability to guide its members to the best healthcare solutions, now taking their language preferences into account.

These updates are part of ongoing work that provides members with equal and easy access to the best providers for their needs.

Your feedback matters.

These optimizations are a direct response to valuable feedback from our partners and their members. These conversations help shape the evolution of the Amino platform, aligning with our mission to offer people the most reliable and easiest access to top-quality healthcare while managing costs effectively. 

About Amino Health

Amino Health is the leading digital healthcare guidance solution. The only guidance platform that can handle the complexity of modern benefits programs, Amino makes it easy for members to navigate tiered networks, point solutions, incentive programs, and more. Amino replaces member confusion with confidence, ultimately driving cost savings, improved engagement with point solutions, and better health outcomes.

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