Amino Healthcare Digital Guidance Case Study: A leading healthcare companyAmino Healthcare Digital Guidance Case Study: A leading healthcare company
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Case Study: A leading healthcare company

July 26, 2022
Taylor Goldsmith

How Amino is helping a leading healthcare company maximize their existing benefits—and save the business over $500k.

Our client is a leading healthcare company and hospital-based physician group that operates nationwide. As busy clinicians and healthcare workers, their employees understand better than most how complicated the US healthcare system can be. But even with their insight as healthcare practitioners, navigating their own healthcare journeys was often a slow, frustrating experience.If the healthcare company’s leadership could find a solution to help employees find high-quality, in-network care and access their health benefits on a single platform, the company could increase employee engagement with existing benefits and save employees valuable time.

Learn how they maximized engagement of their existing benefits, and saved 250+ hours and over $500k for employees and the benefits team in this case study.

Download the case study.

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