Map of hospital locations in DallasMap of hospital locations in Dallas

Average hospital cost varies by 77% in Dallas, Texas

October 18, 2017
Olivia Marcus

Amino's Facility Cost Ratings™ reveal which hospitals are the best (and worst) deal in the Dallas area.

Even within the same city, hospitals can charge wildly different prices for similar care. We used Amino's Facility Cost Ratings™ — dollar signs that help employees identify cost-effective hospitals — to find the five most and least expensive hospitals in Dallas. Below is a peek into our data for the Dallas area.

The most expensive hospitals

Below are the five hospitals with the highest Facility Cost Rating™, averaged across all insurers in the Dallas area. Interestingly, these five have mostly good safety grades, but we found that hospital cost has zero correlation to quality.

The least expensive hospitals

These are the five hospitals with the lowest Facility Cost Rating™, averaged across all insurers in the Dallas area. In Dallas, the cost-effective hospitals tend to have good safety grades, too.

How we rate hospitals by cost

Amino’s Facility Cost Ratings™ are an easy to understand, symbolic system of dollar signs ranging from one dollar sign denoting “inexpensive” to four dollar signs denoting “expensive.”Facility Cost Ratings™ appear on the profiles of all facilities (hospitals, imaging centers, and urgent care centers) in our Amino's healthcare transparency product.

The Facility Cost Ratings™ you see in this post are averaged across all insurers. On Amino, employees see Facility Cost Ratings™ specific to their network and plan.

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