Digital healthcare guidance: How to ensure a healthy workforce in 2022Digital healthcare guidance: How to ensure a healthy workforce in 2022

Digital healthcare guidance: How to ensure a healthy workforce in 2022

March 3, 2022
Katie Cobb

Understand industry trends to develop a healthcare benefits strategy that meets your goals and your employees' needs.

While you are likely to face many of the same challenges you did before the COVID-19 pandemic, much has changed in the healthcare landscape. Many employees are still working from home, or transitioning to a hybrid workplace. Healthcare has changed from “sick care” to health care—a shift that puts more emphasis on prevention, symptom reduction, and disease management.

This context is critical to designing a modern benefits program that is responsive to the changing healthcare landscape, rather than defaulting to the solutions that served your employees well in the past but no longer meet their evolving needs.

Download this eBook to understand:

• Four industry trends that are influencing today's benefits strategies
• The best benefits to support employee health amidst - and beyond - the COVID-19 pandemic
• How to go beyond benefits for a healthy workforce
• The importance of benefits utilization

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