Digital healthcare guidance: Increasing engagement in complex benefit portfoliosDigital healthcare guidance: Increasing engagement in complex benefit portfolios

Digital healthcare guidance: Increasing engagement in complex benefit portfolios

May 12, 2022
Katie Cobb

Learn how to optimize your existing health benefits portfolio and make available benefits more accessible and easier to use.

HR leaders are implementing new health solutions to make their benefits packages more attractive, improve plan member engagement in what they currently offer, and drive down health plan costs. As employers invest in more complex health benefits programs, they face a three-fold challenge: ensuring plan members are aware of the rich benefits available, helping them navigate and utilize their benefits, and empowering them to make better healthcare decisions. The good news: digital healthcare navigation is a powerful solution.

Download this eBook to understand:

  • How employee demands for benefits have evolved - and how employers can keep pace
  • How decision fatigue impacts engagement in complex health benefit portfolios
  • How member-centered healthcare navigation drives benefits program results
  • Which healthcare navigation features drive member engagement

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