Digital healthcare guidance: Mitigating the high cost of managing healthcare benefitsDigital healthcare guidance: Mitigating the high cost of managing healthcare benefits

Digital healthcare guidance: Mitigating the high cost of managing healthcare benefits

February 10, 2022
Katie Cobb

A healthcare guidance solution can help you better manage your benefits program at a lower cost compared to the status quo

The process of finding and choosing a provider is difficult and time-consuming for most healthcare consumers because of out-of-date information about appointment availability, inaccurate in-network status, and a lack of data around cost and quality of care. These challenges can lead to employees delaying or avoiding needed care or receiving care from low-quality, high cost, or out-of-network providers, all of which contribute to increased healthcare costs.

While there’s no single solution to help self-insured employers contain healthcare spending, how your employees search for healthcare providers directly impacts the cost of claims for your health plan. This eBook discusses the three primary ways that today's healthcare consumers find and book care, and how an alternative solution can lower health plan costs and maximize the ROI of your entire benefits program.

Download the eBook  

to learn more about the cost of the status quo, including:

• The limitations of word of mouth referrals, internet searches, and provider directors

• The common problems and costs associated with traditional provider directories

• The cost-saving impact of a healthcare guidance solution

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