Amino expands coverage of specialists

March 30, 2023

Amino added 1.6M new providers spanning more than 80 specialties to expand its coverage of a typical medical network.

What’s new?

Members can now search across 27 new specialty categories, like“radiologist,” “sleep medicine doctor,” and “physical therapist“ to find in-network providers. Please note that this initial release does not include Smart Match designations or cost and quality ratings.

Why did we make these updates?

This update is a part of our ongoing commitment to provide broad data coverage for search queries to enable members to find all medical care needs with one, intuitive tool. Increasing the number of specialties covered in Amino supports members in the way they most commonly search for care. In 2022, 70% of searches in Amino were for a specific provider type, like “primary care physician” or a specific specialist category.

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