simplified search barsimplified search bar

Introducing a unified search bar with new functionality

July 26, 2022

Starting July 26th, a new, unified search bar will be available in Amino, empowering members to search for over 1,700 healthcare terms from a single location on the dashboard. 

What’s new?

In a new unified search bar, members are able to search any type of query and see predictive text for facilities, providers, or conditions. Additionally, this release includes improvements to our database that enables members to search for facilities by name for the first time in our platform.

Why did we make these updates?

Most carrier tools and other navigation solutions include disjointed search experiences, leaving members confused where to begin their journey to find care. By bringing together all search types into a single search bar, Amino will continue to lead the market in user experience by creating a more intuitive and engaging member experience.

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