booking follow up appointmentsbooking follow up appointments

New referral and appointment management functionality in Amino

July 26, 2022

Starting July 26th, new referral and appointment functionality will be available in Amino giving members an easy, proactive way to book follow-up and specialist appointments. 

What’s new?

Following a member’s appointment, Amino will proactively send a notification asking the member to complete a short series of questions to help determine the correct next step in the member’s care journey. If a referral was received or a follow-up appointment was requested during the original appointment, Amino will present an intuitive, simple way to continue booking with high-quality, low-cost providers.

Why did we make these updates?

Each year 33% of patients receive a referral to a specialist, yet over 65% of referrals go unfilled due to inconvenience of booking and scheduling issues. When appointments are postponed or ignored, conditions can go undiagnosed leading to a decline in population health and increased healthcare costs. This release creates a convenient, proactive way to follow-through with referrals and book additional appointments to keep members healthy and total costs in check.

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