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Single sign-on (SSO) pin verification option

October 7, 2021

New pin verification option makes SSO logins applicable to more partners.

Data security is one of Amino’s top priorities. To ensure data is protected during login, Amino requires verified email addresses from all users. 

Historically, customers using a single sign-on (SSO) configuration to manage Amino logins were required to provide member email addresses with Amino via SSO handshake. If the customer or SSO vendor did not store the member’s email address, the handshake could not be completed and the member could not log in.

To solve this login hurdle for SSO users, on October 7th, we will eliminate the email requirement for customer SSO handshakes. Now, customers with SSO can use a pin verification process that allows a member to manually provide and verify their email address when creating an Amino account.

How will this work?

If Amino customers using SSO do not store eligible members’ email addresses, Amino will prompt members to provide us with email addresses during the account creation process. Amino will email the user a secret PIN code, which they can then copy and paste into their Amino login screen to validate their account. Pins expire after three days.

Why did we make this update? 

With this update, Amino stays true to our core principles of data security while expanding the scope of who can log in via SSO. This update will be especially helpful for Powered by Amino partners who integrate with Guidance.

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