search by name expanded resultssearch by name expanded results

Expanded search-by-name results

March 6, 2023

Members can now see additional provider and facility results when searching by name, increasing their likelihood of finding the correct option.

What’s new?

Amino now shows "see more" buttons under the results when searching by provider or facility name. This link navigates the user to a search-by-name results page. All related provider and facility name results are shown on this page, sorted by relative distance to the original search location. From this page, a user can update the location of the search or perform a new search for a provider or facility by name.

Why did we make these updates?

In some instances, there are more results for a given name than what Amino has historically been able to show in its predictive results. By allowing users to browse all results for a given search-by-name, this release increases the likelihood of a user finding their intended provider or facility.

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