Screenshot shows cost estimates for outpatient surgical care.Screenshot shows cost estimates for outpatient surgical care.

Introducing outpatient cost estimates

October 29, 2021

Plan members gain improved visibility into the cost of their care with new encounter-level outpatient cost estimates.

What’s new?

Amino added nearly 1 million outpatient cost estimates across all payers, providers, and outpatient topics to improve plan members’ visibility into the cost of their care. Not only does this increase the overall amount of data in our platform, but new encounter-level outpatient cost models include professional and institutional costs, and provide members with a more accurate total cost than what they can derive from procedure codes alone.

What do the ranges in cost mean?

Prior to this release, the cost of care was only reflected on a $ to $$$$ scale. New outpatient estimates now include real dollar values. Since plan members using Amino to find and book care have different risk profiles and severity levels, procedures will always reflect a cost range to make sure plan members have a realistic understanding of their cost of care.

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