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Members can now filter by provider language

August 31, 2023

Amino now enables members to filter providers based on the language of their choice. This feature extends our platform’s functionality to connect members with the best providers for their care needs.

What’s new?

Members can now include their preferences for the languages known by a provider as a part of their search for care. 

Once a member conducts a search, they can refine the search results by potentially more than 50 languages known by providers. Based on the specific search, the filter options will only reflect the languages available in the results. For example, while Amino recognizes all the providers who speak French, if there aren’t any French-speaking providers in the searched area who perform laminectomies, French will not show up in the filter options when someone conducts a search for laminectomies.

Why did we make these updates?

Connecting members to providers who use the language of their choice is an important step to making high-quality care accessible to all. And with over 66 million non-English speakers in the U.S., this affects a large proportion of Americans seeking care. This feature improves Amino Health’s ability to guide members to the best care for their needs — including language preferences.

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