Screenshot shows new multi-select interfaceScreenshot shows new multi-select interface

Multi-select now available in Amino Refer

September 10, 2021

This update makes it easy for advocates to share multiple referral options with their patients.

What’s new?

Clinicians and care advocates using Amino Refer can now select one or more providers in the search results whose information they want to “share” or “print.” Users can also opt to “select all” providers or just “Smart Match providers” on a given search results page.

[For customers who purchased Amino Booking:] Advocates can use Amino to submit a booking request with a specific provider on behalf of the patient. Alternatively the advocate can click the “Smart Book” button to request to book an appointment with any of the listed Smart Match providers. In either case, Amino Booking Agents will call the provider on behalf of the patient to validate network status and coordinate the appointment logistics.

Why did we make these updates?

When making referrals, clinicians and care advocates often like to provide patients with several referral options. The multi-select feature makes it easy for advocates to share referral options with their patients and increases the likelihood that advocates will return to Amino to make referrals.

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