Screenshot shows new phone call verification featureScreenshot shows new phone call verification feature

New! Phone call verification features

June 28, 2021

Updates improve the accuracy with which Amino can report on members using Amino to book care.

What’s new?

To better track and report on the value that Amino provides to plan members and their employers, we’ve implemented changes to improve our ability to understand when plan members use Amino to book appointments with providers. 

  1. Customers with Amino Booking turned on will provide their plan members with a seamless way to request appointments with their providers of choice. Amino Booking agents will handle the logistics of booking the appointment – and validate network status – to ensure there are no costly surprises down the road. 
  2. *New* To capture when a plan member chooses to call the provider directly (instead of requesting an appointment through Amino Booking Agents, in the case of customers with Amino Booking), we’ve added a “click-to-call” functionality. With the touch of a button, users can now click on the phone number widget and their phone call app will open.
  3. *New* After a user calls a provider, a new user interface allows them to indicate whether they successfully booked an appointment with that provider. 

Why did we make these updates?

These changes serve two purposes:

  1. They make it as easy as possible for plan members to successfully book appointments
  2. They increase the accuracy with which Amino can report on plan members using the app to find and book care. 

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