Smartphone showing a retail clinic profile in Amino GuidanceSmartphone showing a retail clinic profile in Amino Guidance

New to Amino Guidance: Retail clinics

December 17, 2020

Retail clinics are now featured in search results nationwide for Amino Guidance users.

Retail clinics are a convenient option when you need to to get care for routine health issues. We’re excited to announce that Amino Guidance now supports over 2000 retail clinic locations nationwide, including CVS Minute Clinic, Walgreens Healthcare Clinic and Advocate Clinic, Walmart Care Clinic,  and The Little Clinic.

You can access retail clinic listings in two ways: 

  1. Search for a common health condition such as flu, cold, pink eye, ear infection, or strep throat, and select “it’s urgent.”
  2. Click the Urgent Care icon on the Find Care homepage.

Since retail clinics usually cost less than urgent care centers, you’ll often see them tagged as Smart Matches in search results—which means they’re high-quality, cost-effective care options in your plan’s network.

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