Mobile phone showing updated Amino Guidance provider profiles and quality scoresMobile phone showing updated Amino Guidance provider profiles and quality scores

Quality Scores and Provider Profile updates

February 8, 2021

This month, we're introducing updated Quality Scores and streamlined provider profiles in Amino Guidance.

In our latest Guidance product release, we’ve rolled out two great new features to make it even easier to find and book high-quality, cost-effective care options through Amino: A new Quality Scores feature, and an updated Provider Profiles experience. 

Introducing Quality Scores

We’re excited to announce the release of Quality Scores in Amino Guidance. Quality Scores builds on our existing provider experience ratings and safety grades, using over 200 quality of care metrics to give a more in-depth picture of provider quality.

Provider profiles now feature an A-F Quality of Care rating to help you quickly understand which doctors and facilities will provide the best care for you. You can also drill deeper into ratings for specific quality criteria related to a specific health need. 

Physician Quality Scores cover criteria that fall into three main categories:

  1. Physician experience: Assesses how much experience a physician has treating conditions related to your search term and how long they’ve been practicing medicine
  2. Appropriateness of care: Assesses whether providers avoid: wasteful care, preventable injuries or complications, and overprescribing practices
  3. Third-party quality scores: Integrates quality metrics from industry-leading measure sets such as Leapfrog Safety Grades, CMS quality programs, and the National Quality Forum (NQF)

Facility Quality scores cover criteria in two main categories: 

  1. Facility quality: Includes meaningful measure criteria such as mortality, readmission, safety, and surgery specific-metrics such as patient burns or falls prior to discharge.
  2. Affiliated physician experience: Facility affiliation with individual highly experienced physicians.

In addition to assigning Quality Scores to individual providers, we’ve also incorporated new quality measures into our Smart Match algorithms for Primary Care, Specialty Care, Inpatient Care, and Outpatient Surgery topics to ensure we guide you to the highest-quality doctors and facilities as you search for care. Providers must have a quality score of A or B to be considered a Smart Match.

For more details on the measures and methodology behind our new Quality Scores, visit the Amino Help Center

Updated Provider Profiles

Provider Profiles are the primary way to  research and choose doctors and facilities in our Guidance platform. We’ve made a number of design updates to our Provider Profile pages to make it even easier to evaluate whether a provider is a good fit for your needs and book an appointment when you’ve found the right option. 

Here are some of the exciting updates in this new release:

  • New Smart Match Summary section at the top of each Profile shows aggregate cost ratings and quality scores, and highlights whether a doctor or facility is a Smart Match. This helps you see at-a-glance if a provider is a good choice for your needs. 
  • New Quality of Care section shows a composite quality score for the provider, as well as ratings for specific category measures relevant to your search topic, giving you the information you need to make confident care choices. 
  • Smart Match recommendations and booking options are now available when you search for a doctor by name, making it easy to evaluate your current care team and request appointments when you need them. 
  • Updated booking module stays on the page as you scroll so you can request an appointment as soon as you’ve finished researching.
  • New profile photos added for over 350,000 doctors courtesy of DocSpot so you can see their smiling faces before your first appointment.
  • Provider information has been reorganized so you can skim for what matters to you and make a decision quickly.

If you have any questions about these Provider Profile updates, please feel free to reach out to or check out the Help Center.

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