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The 5 step benefits checklist to contain imaging costs

A step-by-step guide to keeping your imaging costs under control.

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Sophia Lee
By Sophia Lee on June 27, 2018

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If you're keeping up with our recent posts, you know that imaging costs are eating up your healthcare budget. As a benefits leader, you should feel empowered to take this problem into your own hands. But we know it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That's why we put together a simple, 5-step checklist to get you started on the right foot. 

1. Audit your claims data from last year

To cut down on costs, you have to know where your healthcare dollars are being spent. The best way to do this is to analyze your claims data from last year. Your broker can help you navigate this data as well! 

2. Identify your top three cost drivers

After an audit of your claims, identify the imaging procedures that are driving the majority of your healthcare spending. While it may be tempting to tackle every procedure in your claims data, we recommend homing in on the top three cost drivers. Targeting a handful of the most over utilized procedures is the more efficient way to cut down on costs. 

3. Pinpoint hot spots

Next, if you have offices that span the U.S., pinpoint any “hot spots” areas. In other words, locations where your healthcare spending tends to be higher. This can happen due to a variety of factors, such as employee demographics, behavior, or local cost variation. 

4. Educate employees about overuse and cost variation

Once you’ve identified your top three cost drivers and “hot spots,” use that information to educate your employees with targeted campaigns. You want to make them aware of cost variation, the most common imaging procedures for the company, and the locations that need to be most mindful about shopping for healthcare. 

5. Guide employees to cost-effective imaging options

Even with a smart education campaign, it's a lot to ask your employees to do their own research on healthcare. You might want to consider a more hands-on approach to ensure they're choosing high-quality, low-cost imaging. Tools like Amino can guide employees to freestanding imaging centers and see their cost beforehand.

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