Delivering real ROI for your company and your employees

No matter what your health benefits priority is this year, Amino can help.

Cost savings

Save as much as $1,300 per employee, per year

About 40% of the average employer's healthcare spend is addressable — meaning it can be reduced by guiding employees to appropriate care settings and high value providers. Download our savings report to learn more about how Amino reduces healthcare costs.

Employee engagement

Give your employees a benefit they'll love

Amino was built by experts in user experience and design. Our 80+ net promoter score (NPS) rivals that of popular consumer brands.

Customers see ROI quickly after implementation

Within weeks of implementing Amino, customers see high sign up rates, log in rates, and interactions with integrated benefits — as well as significant cost savings over time.

Vendor consolidation

Integrate your health benefits into one cohesive experience

From your health insurance plans to your telemedicine benefit, Amino brings your ecosystem into one platform — creating one seamless healthcare experience for employees.

See how Amino can benefit your employees

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