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Higher quality.
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Making smarter decisions about where to get care isn’t just good for employee health. It also drives cost savings and engagement that are second to none. 
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How we make an impact

Unlike traditional carrier directories, Amino’s Smart Match recommendations incorporate healthcare price and quality information—and make it actionable for employees. We turn billions of data points on provider cost, quality, experience, and network status into a simple badge that helps employees quickly find great care options. As a result, more of your members utilize the high-quality, cost-effective corners of your plan networks, reducing claims costs while ensuring everyone receives safe, appropriate care.

Reduce healthcare spending

Guiding employees to Smart Match providers drives significant cost savings over the course of the year and reduces out-of-network utilization. And our solution is an ERISA-eligible expense for your benefits program.
Average return on investment
Average savings per Smart Match booking
Reduction in out-of-network spend

How we measure ROI

We calculate ROI by comparing provider decisions made with Amino’s digital healthcare guidance solutions to those made in a comparable benchmark population. This video gives a quick introduction to our approach.

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Provide a great healthcare experience

Our web and mobile apps are intuitive, convenient, and consumer-friendly. That means employees actually use them on a regular basis when they need to get care.

80+ average NPS
46% monthly engagement
1 in 4 users book with Amino

A million members and counting

Amino is guiding employees and covered dependents to high-quality, cost-effective care options at companies all over the US.
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5 out of 5 stars
“One member was floored that she could book all of her kids’ appointments. She saved three hours avoiding back-and-forth calls.”
Christin Deacon
New Jersey State Health Plans (NJSHP)
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5 out of 5 stars
“Moving to a new network for 2021 will be much smoother for our employees utilizing Amino!”
Ron LeBlanc, CBP
Envision Healthcare
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5 out of 5 stars
“Amino has been an excellent tool for our employees. Engagement has been high and feedback is positive.”
Traci Mills
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How do I keep employees engaged with healthcare benefits?

As employers, we spend the bulk of our benefits budget on healthcare every year. But even though we’ve invested in a great benefits package, employees don’t always seem to be healthier or more engaged.

The problem isn’t our programs—it’s the healthcare system. Employees don’t know where to get the right care from the right person. Typical carrier directories are hard to use, often out-of-date, and provide little data to inform decisions. And our health benefits offerings just aren’t top-of-mind when someone’s searching for care.

What’s missing is a quick, convenient way for employees to find the best care options when they need them most. Amino’s digital healthcare guidance solutions fill this gap and provide value for them and for your benefits program.

Eliminate healthcare app fatigue

We put your employees’ sponsored health benefits at their fingertips exactly when they need them.
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unified benefits access

Share the right benefits at the right time

We take your program’s healthcare benefits—telemedicine, mental health services, direct primary care, MSK solutions, and more—and tag them to related topics in our platform. When employees search for a relevant condition, procedure, or specialty, we surface your benefits in results, guiding more people to use the right care options at the right time.
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Help your employees make smart healthcare choices.

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