Amino and Zelis Healthcare launch reference based pricing experience

We're excited to announce a new development in collaboration with Zelis — RBP Guidance that quickly surfaces qualified providers who accept RBP reimbursements.

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David Vivero
By David Vivero on July 23, 2019

David is the CEO of Amino. Connect with David Vivero on LinkedIn

Bedminster, NJ and San Francisco, CA, July 23, 2019 Zelis Healthcare, a healthcare technology company and market-leading provider of integrated healthcare cost management and payments solutions, and Amino, a leading healthcare financial wellness platform, today launched RBP Guidance, a disruptive healthcare navigation experience that enables employers and healthcare consumers to more easily understand and evaluate Reference Based Pricing (RBP) health benefit plans.

RBP is an increasingly popular health plan design that sets predetermined or ‘reference’ maximum reimbursement amounts for healthcare services.

RBP Guidance quickly surfaces providers who are likely to accept RBP reimbursements and well-qualified based on consumer-input search terms. Using Amino “Smart Match,” it also highlights providers’ educational experience, patient reviews and facilities with high safety grades. This guidance can help make quality healthcare more affordable, reduce balance billing by healthcare providers and improve the overall healthcare experience for consumers nationwide.

“At Zelis, we are focused on helping reduce the rising cost of healthcare. RBP Guidance is an exciting new consumer experience purpose-built to help make quality healthcare more affordable for all of us,” said Doug Klinger, Zelis CEO.

“Regardless of your health insurance plan, it’s hard to navigate our country’s healthcare system. Since Amino’s inception, we have helped people conveniently and confidently make smart healthcare choices in this challenging environment. RBP Guidance will help lift the burden of finding and paying for care under a reference based pricing plan.” said David Vivero, CEO and Co-Founder of Amino.

About Zelis® Healthcare

Zelis Healthcare is a market-leading healthcare technology company on a mission to reduce the rising cost of healthcare by $1 trillion. We serve health plans, TPAs, healthcare providers and consumers in the medical, dental and workers' compensation markets nationwide, providing integrated healthcare cost management and payments solutions including network analytics, network management and access, payment integrity, reference based pricing and electronic payments. We have helped our clients save more than $26 billion in healthcare spending and delivered more than $23 billion in payments on their behalf. Zelis Healthcare is backed by Parthenon Capital Partners.

About Amino®

Amino is a healthcare financial wellness platform that guides employees to smart choices through an award-winning user experience. Amino’s core offering is a fully-integrated healthcare financial wellness platform that includes PPO guidance products, an HSA, and phone advocacy services. Amino members can conveniently search for the care they need, including primary care, specialty care, imaging, urgent care, outpatient care, and more. Amino guides members to personalized Smart Matches — doctors and facilities that are in-network, cost-effective, experienced, and have great safety and quality measures. Members can conveniently book appointments online and an Amino Assistant takes care of the details on their behalf. Amino is the only solution in the market that offers an integrated HSA, helping companies and employees reduce their healthcare costs and simplify their benefits experience. To learn more about Amino, visit

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