How medical imaging costs are busting your corporate budget

Our CEO discusses how costs can vary even within network — making it difficult for employees to find cost-effective care.

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Olivia Marcus
By Olivia Marcus on June 07, 2018

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Many employers have found that the single biggest driver of their healthcare costs is imaging. This includes everything from MRIs to CT scans to ultrasounds. In fact, in a recent ROI analysis we conducted on behalf of a large employer, we found that they were overspending by millions on healthcare, and more than 38% of it could be attributed to imaging.

The problem with this is that imaging can vary widely in price, depending on whether your employees decide to go to a freestanding imaging center or a hospital — with hospitals being the more expensive option. For instance, a spine MRI in Alaska could cost up to $2,000 more if taken at a hospital versus a freestanding imaging center. It’s clear how a series of bad decisions like this by your employees can add up quickly. 

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