Why Amino invests in company offsites

Amino offsites are planned with team building activities in mind, with the mission of bringing people together.

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David Vivero
By David Vivero on August 19, 2019

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Every year, all Amino employees gather outside of the office to exercise, eat good food, and strengthen relationships. A couple of weeks ago we took a hike through Angel Island with a delicious BBQ treat at the end. The yearly pilgrimage reminded us why we do the work that we do — and why we choose to work at Amino. 

In an increasingly technology focused world where you might send more Slack messages to your coworkers than talk face-to-face — especially in the tech space — relationships and communication are constantly changing. Sometimes we feel closer because we can access each other anytime, but other times that can invade personal time outside of work. At Amino, we’re grateful that technology allows us to recruit diverse talent from across the country, but our remote team members don’t regularly get to eat lunch with us, attend our happy hours, or go on coffee walks. So, we try our best to bring everyone together at least once a year. 

Some highlights of our most recent offsite included reconnecting with employees from previous projects, bonding over common food allergies, and trading travel recommendations. It’s also a time for ditching technology and distractions to focus on supporting one another. Dogs are (of course) present at all Amino company events, bringing slobber, energy, and humor. Our offsites are planned with team building activities in mind — group exercise, travel, and meal preparation — with the mission of bringing people together.

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But relationships across the company aren’t the only thing we’re committed to fostering. Each department has their own activities throughout the year — such as putt putt golf — that include our remote employees. These outings work to break the virtual social wall that technology can sometimes build, which in turn, improves well being all around.

We see direct results from both smaller activities, and our larger company offsites. Employees come back to work feeling refreshed, energized by their coworkers, and closer to their work. Amino is in the business of well being, and one way we practice what we preach is dedicating time and energy to employees because we understand their role in the success of Amino — and our company’s mission of providing guidance to low-cost, high-quality healthcare.

If you’re ready to hit the trail with us next time and contribute to the leading healthcare financial wellness platform, check out our careers page here.

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