New releases expand coverage and improve inclusivity

October 2, 2023

True to our product vision of being the best guidance solution on the market, Amino Health continuously makes improvements to our platform’s data accuracy, coverage, and member experience. Below is an overview of the releases that go live on 10/2/23:

Expanded data coverage to support more specialist and facility searches

Amino expanded coverage to include a limited number of freestanding laboratories and pediatric specialists as the first release of an ongoing project. With labs being one of the most commonly searched unsupported topics in Amino, this phased approach introduces new functionality to meet member demand while ensuring high degrees of data accuracy. Please note that this initial release surfaces network status but does not include Smart Match designations or cost and quality ratings.

  • Added thousands of LabCorp and Quest laboratories
  • Added 45K+ pediatric providers across more than 15 specialties

Improved language and gender inclusivity

New search filters and updated in-app language represent Amino's latest efforts to support an inclusive user experience. These updates are part of ongoing work that provide members with equal and easy access to the best providers for their needs.

  • Released a new results filter for provider languages (see more)
  • Updated all platform copy to use inclusive, gender-neutral terms
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