Diane Faulkner

Diane Faulkner is a ghostwriter, editor, writer, and brand strategist based in Jacksonville, Florida. She specializes in all things business, with emphases in human resources, finance, and tech. Diane writes for trade and business journals, creates corporate content, and has ghostwritten four books. See her work at dianefaulkner.com.
Image of an ebook cover featuring an illustration representing cost savings

Cost-saving levers for self-insured health plans

This guide provides four strategies (plus pros and cons of each) to help your organization contain healthcare spending.

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Roulette wheel featuring an array of potential MRI prices

How price variation impacts employer health plan costs

In-network price variation contributes to rising healthcare costs and wasteful spending. Here's what you can do to ensure your group health plans and employees get the best care at the best price.

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Two colleagues looking at a computer screen discussing health plan designs

Containing healthcare costs with alternative plan designs

Explore creative health plan design options that can reduce healthcare costs while still delivering a great benefit for employees.

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