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Smart care recommendations, without the guesswork.
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smart match

The best providers. Fast.

Amino’s Smart Match provider recommendations help you quickly see which doctors and facilities are in-network, cost-effective compared to similar options, and high-quality (delivering safe, experienced, and appropriate care).

Over 19 billion medical claims analyzed
Instant, personalized recommendations

Leave the hard work to us

We make it easy for you to get the best care and get back to what matters most.
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find care

Personalized search results

Amino’s Find Care search tool is the simplest way to get to the right care option. Enter one of 1,600+ supported search terms, and we'll show you a ranked list of doctors and facilities based on your plan design, location, demographics, and health needs.
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provider profiles

Simple cost ratings and quality scores

Both cost and quality are important to consider when choosing where to get care. Our doctor and facility profiles bring together cost ratings, quality scores, patient reviews, provider credentials, and other information you need to make an informed decision in one convenient listing.
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appointment booking

24/7 appointment booking

Once you’ve found the right provider, request an appointment online and leave the phone tag and hold music to Amino’s Booking Assistants. They’ll coordinate the details and confirm your appointment via secure message.
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unified benefits access

All your health benefits in one place

Search for a condition, procedure, and specialty in Amino, and we’ll show you all the relevant healthcare benefits your employer offers in addition to in-network care options. Whether you have access to direct primary care, telemedicine, mental health apps, or chronic condition management programs, we’ll help you access the right services exactly when you need them.
Amino Find Care rendered on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
flexible access

Any time, any device

Amino works on any device so you find and book great care any time, anywhere. Whether you need to schedule a followup appointment during your lunch break or find the nearest urgent care clinic at 2 a.m., we’ve got you covered.
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If I want better healthcare, do I have to become an expert?

Let’s be honest: Getting healthcare isn’t fun. Researching doctors is frustrating and confusing. Scheduling appointments is time-consuming and annoying. And remembering which healthcare benefits are available and where to find them often takes more effort than it’s worth. But choosing doctors at random can lead to big bills, poor quality care, and wasted employer-sponsored healthcare benefits.

So how do we make more informed choices without having to become healthcare experts?  A convenient, data-driven digital care guidance platform that provides Smart Match recommendations ensures everyone can access high-value healthcare with minimal effort.

A million members and counting

Amino is guiding employees and covered dependents to high-quality, cost-effective care options at companies all over the US.
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