Amino Doubles Women’s Health Coverage

May 24, 2024

Members can now identify clinicians who are experienced providing high quality and cost-effective care for nearly 200 women’s health topics.

What’s new?

Amino invested in expanding women’s health resources, doubling the number of search topics in the platform to nearly 200.  Members can now search specific and broad diagnoses, conditions, and procedures related to pelvic health, menopause, pregnancy, and more. This recent release further expands that coverage, adding topics like pelvic floor physical therapy, perimenopause, and episiotomy repair. As always, search results highlight the most experienced, highest quality, and cost effective clinicians to ensure improved outcomes in the member’s health journey. 

Why did we make these updates?

Women in the United States have lagged behind their counterparts in other high-income countries in terms of access to health care, and more US women are in poor health than men. (CDC Facts)  

While these healthcare disparities require systemic change, this latest product release empowers individuals with more information to better navigate the healthcare system for their individual needs. 

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