Amino helps L&F Distributors' employees overcome high healthcare costs

As a self-insured employer, L&F wanted a solution that could help their employees find cost-effective care.

Hannah Levy
By Hannah Levy on April 11, 2018

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The self-insured perspective

L&F Distributors and their sister company Favorite Brands operate multiple beverage distribution warehouses throughout Texas and Southern New Mexico that service 35 counties. They represent more than 150 craft and import breweries and distribute an extensive list of wine, spirits, energy drinks, and other non-alcoholic beverages.

Because they're self-insured, L&F's HR and benefits team wanted a solution that could help their employees understand healthcare costs and find cost-effective care.

"As a self-insured employer, educating our employees on our plan benefits and healthcare costs is imperative to our program, and yet it was our biggest obstacle to which we had no simple solution. Amino's platform, however, allows us to overcome that obstacle."

Empowering employees with Amino

L&F chose Amino because of its wide array of user-friendly features and data-driven information you can't find anywhere else. 

"We are now able to provide our employees with the tools to make informed and economic decisions about their healthcare through a user friendly platform."

'Unparalleled support' makes the difference

We love working with benefits teams that are passionate about what they do, and L&F's HR and benefits team definitely fits the bill. 

We see all our customers as partners, working together to make sure implementation and onboarding is successful — from customized flyers to eye-catching posters.  Their team says they "have been awed by the hands-on approach the Amino team took right out of the gate." 


Posters created to hang around L&F's office.

"The service offered to us by the Amino team is above and beyond. Their unparalleled support did not just end after the platform was launched, but continues today in helping us educate our employees... We are very confident that Amino will be a great asset in helping our company and our employees find the affordable and quality healthcare that they need."

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